May 31, 2018

  • Tchelet Segev loves walking down the Infinite Corridor, the tenth of a mile stretch of hallway connecting MIT’s main campus buildings. It is a chance to see friends and professors, and it has the quintessential active and engaged MIT vibe that she will miss after graduating this spring.

    Segev has worked hard to support this sense of community, serving in leadership positions on numerous boards, committees, and student organizations. While completing both her BS and MEng in civil and environmental engineering in four years, Segev has acted as the chair of the Undergraduate Association (UA) Special Projects Committee, co-chair of the UA Student Support and Wellness Committee, and vice president of the Class Awareness Support and Equality (CASE) student organization. 

    As part of the UA and CASE, Segev helped to spearhead a survey that uncovered food insecurity on campus, and in response joined the Accessing Resources Coalition, a group of students and administrators working to connect low- and...

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